Get alone with God

Read the bible while learning how to read the bible with helpful videos from The Bible Project.

“This app makes reading scripture fantastically engaging and accessible for everyone — to those who know nothing about scripture and those who have been reading the Bible for years.”
“This app and the videos are incredible! It has opened up my mind and heart to understanding God’s word more clearly and with a better perspective.”
“I am excited about the accessibility of God’s word that this provides to the everyday believer! We’ve been using it in our small group and have been really enjoying it!”
“Thanks so much for making this app. The videos and the scripture plan is super helpful for building up my understanding of God’s word.”
“I love this app, and I use it everyday. I think you guys are nailing your intent of getting people into the Bible and more easily understanding it.”
“I have been a Christian for many years but it has helped read the Bible with a whole new understanding. Thank you for doing this!”
“Thank you for this wonderful tool to help hold us accountable and to establish a devotion and diligence to the daily reading of God’s Word; the Truth and the Light!”
“I’m a new believer I just accessed your app Read Scripture. Thank you! It really helps me begin my study of what and who I am in Christ. I never knew there was a Peace that surpasses all understanding!”

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January 1st 2017 is the first day of the Year of Biblical Literacy, a partnership between the Bible ProjectReality SF & Bridgetown church to study the bible in a year. Other churches will be heavily involved in promoting this. Read Scripture will be the app that people can use to participate and follow along.


Read scripture know God


Understand the Bible


Hand-illustrated Bible Project videos explain difficult concepts and themes “better than seminary” alongside scripture text

A brand-new Thematic reading plan constantly highlights the bigger picture so you can always see the big picture in your reading (Hint: It all points to Jesus).


Stay motivated to read

Track your reading progress automatically and know where you’ve been and where you are going.

Reminders on your phone will ping you to help keep you on track.


Read scripture know truth

The heart behind Read Scripture is that everyone would read the Bible for themselves and discover the truth and beauty of God’s Word. Scripture is God’s gift to us, lighting up our paths and drawing us into relationship with Him. Read Scripture is more of an invitation and a commitment than it is a product.  

To this end, we are curating a year-long Bible reading plan and supplementing the reading with amazingly creative videos (produced by our friends at the Bible Project) that explain every book of the Bible, major theological themes of the gospel, and tips on how to read the Bible.

We are encouraging a new generation to study the Scriptures honestly—to pursue truth even when it doesn’t agree with our natural impulses. The vision of Read Scripture is not to tell people what the Bible says, but to teach them how to discover truth for themselves in the Word.

What if thousands of people started their days alone with God, reading Scripture, and responding with adoration and action? It would change everything. Join us. Read Scripture.